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Join Information

LEAWOD is a manufacturer focusing on the chain operation of middle and high-end windows and doors, also provides research & development independently for building. We are looking for worldwide brand chain operation partners, LEAWOD is responsible for the production and development of products, you are good at market developments and local services. If you have the same ideas as us, please read the following requirements carefully:

  • ● We need you to fill in and provide detailed information of your personal or company.
  • ● You should do a preliminary market research and evaluation at the intended market, and then make your business plan, which is an important document for you to obtain our authorization.
  • ● All of our franchisees need to set up stores in the intended market, the design and decoration style will be same as ours. Other products and promotional materials must be not allowed to appear in the exclusive stores.
  • ● You need to prepare an initial investment plan of 100-250 thousand US dollars for local rent, windows and door sample, decoration, team building, promotion & publicity, etc.

Join Procedure

  • Fill in the application form of intention to join

  • Preliminary negotiation to determine cooperation intention

  • Factory visit, inspection/VR factory

  • Detailed consultation, interview and assessment

  • Sign contract

  • Design and decoration of exclusive store

  • Acceptance of the exclusive store

  • Professional training, while preparing for opening

  • Opening

Join Advantage

Windows and doors industry has not only become a blue ocean of potential market in China, but also we believe that the international market is a larger stage. Over the next 10 years, LEAWOD windows and doors will be promoted a international famous brand. Now, we officially attract investment in the global international market, looking forward to your joining.

LEAWOD has more than 20 years of research & development, production, manufacturing experience, 400,000 square meters of large windows and doors deep processing base, around 1000 people's team service you, we have “The 1st Level Manufacturing Qualification and The 1st Level Installation Qualification”of Chinese windows and doors.

LEAWOD has a strong windows and doors technology research & development team, who continuously outputs and updates of high-quality windows and doors. With obvious differentiation, strong technical barriers and market competitiveness, for different national markets, we can develop the corresponding requests of the windows and doors, which will be the purpose of the market promotion.

The one of top ten China home construction materials, LEAWOD is also the inventor and creator of R7 seamless whole welding windows and doors, we have nearly 100 technical invention patents and intellectual copyrights.

Wide coverage of windows and doors, LEAWOD involves high-end aluminum windows and doors, high-end wood clad aluminum windows and doors, high-end aluminum clad wood windows and doors, intelligent windows and doors, sunroom, curtain wall and other series of products, to meet customers' customized needs for windows and doors of different decoration styles.

LEAWOD has the world's leading processing and production equipment group, and strict quality control system, we do good details of every windows and doors, even if the place where you can't see it. LEAWOD guarantee every window and door that is qualified, perfect, we treat quality of windows and doors as importance as life.

There are nearly 600 windows and doors exclusive stores in China, who accumulate the system of image display design and decoration experience for us. LEAWOD supplies one-stop designing, lets you play a good windows and doors experience, scene marketing, maximum making the customer traffic.

We have a very professional supporting team, who can supply the services for you as same as nanny, like market development, operation and management. In China, LEAWOD has pioneered the network promotion, media publicity and video marketing in windows and doors industry, and we have explored new marketing methods and assist dealers to develop the market all the ti.

We have a perfect regional protection policy of dealers, which can solve your concerns well.

We provide you with a range of business support policies, including samples, technologies, advertising promotions, exhibitions, etc.

Join Support

In order to help you quickly occupy the market, recover the investment cost soon, also do a good business model and sustainable development, we will provide you with the following support

  • ● Certificate support
  • ● Research and development support
  • ● Sample support
  • ● Free designing support
  • ● Exhibition support
  • ● Sales bonus support
  • ● Professional service team support
  • More supports, our investment managers will explain for you in more details after the completion of joining.